Flying Tiger Line  Douglas DC-4   N90423                                    (c/n  18392)


                                            By the mid 1950s Flying Tiger had developed a world wide passenger charter capability.
                                            This one came into Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia in July 1957 probably, based on the
                                            date, carrying a load of Hungarian refugees.  They would have no doubt been bound for
                                            the migrant camp at Bonegilla, near Albury.    The shot was by Barrie Colledge who had
                                            just flown the Chippie VH-RVV over from Moorabbin.  It was common in those days for
                                            DC-4 operators to paint square frames around their DC-4's round windows to give the
                                            effect of the aircraft being a DC-6!  N90423 was so decorated.     It had originally been
                                            civlianized in December 1945 as American Airlines' 'Flagship Washington' and sold to
                                            US Overseas Airlines in 1956.    It was a short term lease as far as Flying Tiger was con-
                                            cerned, returning to USOA after a couple of months who later sold it in Colombia as
                                            HK-1027 in 1964..  It was ultimately destroyed by fire at Cartagena in  December 1973.