Flying Tiger Line  Curtiss C-46  N67962                              (c/n  22515)


                                          Operating one of the largest, if not the largest fleets of these 'double-bubble' fuselage transports,
                                          Flying Tiger had at least 40 C-46s registered  in their name at one time or another.    The above
                                          line up was at Oakland, circa 1954.    The C-46s were acquired in the 1949/1950 time frame to
                                          replace the DC-3s.    By this time the company was flying ad hoc and scheduled contract freight
                                          flights from coast to coast.      N67962 was a former C-46F-1-CU (44-78692) and was one of
                                          those C-46s later converted to Super 46C standard.  It was sold in 1955 to Canadian Pacific
                                          Airlines as CF-CZH.     It crashed 24 kms southeast of Thompson, Manitoba on 29 September
                                         1977 whilst owned by North Coast Air Service     .The aircraft lost height due to engine problems
                                         and was force-landed in trees while trying to return to Thompson Airport.