Flying Tiger Line  Budd RB-1 Conestoga     NC45356                (c/n  014)


                                        Flying Tiger Line was founded by Robert W. Prescott and ten former members of the AVG Flying
                                        Tigers Group in 1945 when they returned back to the US from China.     Initially the company was
                                        named National Skyway Freight, although changed to The Flying Tiger Line shortly after.  .  Initial
                                        equipment consisted of war surplus Budd RB-1 Conestogas, one of which is seen above.     This
                                        aircraft had been developed by the Budd Company of Philadelphia, makers of railroad cars, and
                                        was constructed of stainless steel.         There appeared to be a distinct possibility, by 1945, that
                                        aluminum would be in short supply and the military wanted to explore other materials for aircraft
                                        construction.   In the event, of the 200 ordered by the US Navy, only about 25 were built.     Of
                                        these fourteen or so remained airworthy at war's end and Prescott bought them all.     After selling
                                        four and cannibalizing a couple more, seven or eight of these aircraft were used to inaugurate freight
                                        services between California and Atlanta.    The Budds were unreliable and the pilots did not like
                                        them and as soon as war surplus DC-3s became available (circa 1947) the Budds were scrapped.