Central Air Transport  Curtiss C-46  N59487                            (c/n 2934)


                                          This ex C-46E-1-CS (ex 43-47408) was being leased from International Airports Inc when this
                                          rare shot, by Bill Larkins, was taken at Oakland on  13 September 1952.     It had already been
                                          operated by Slick, Viking, Air America (not the CIA one), Arrow Airways and North Continent
                                          before being re-liveried for Central.     This CAT, of course, had nothing to do with the Chinese
                                          Civil Air Transport (which was a CIA covert line).    It appeared to be operated by Central for
                                          a couple of years until sold to Economy Airways in 1952.  However, I have no details regarding
                                          this small carrier whatever.  It was possibly a cargo charter concern based at Oakland.   N59487
                                          may have been its only aircraft.