Capitol International Airways  Lockheed L-1049G   N4903C           (c/n 4619)


                                            In the early 1960s Capitol Airways gained significant military contracts and expanded rapidly.
                                            So much so that it changed its name to Capitol International Airways in 1967.  Over the years
                                            it operated no fewer than 23 Lockheed Constellations of one marque or another, acquired from
                                            many sources.  By far the most numerous was the L-1049H.  The L-1049G seen above at LAX
                                            in 1967 was something of an orphan child, having originally been built in 1956 for Hughes Tool
                                            Company (presumably for TWA) and stored at Burbank for four years before Capitol bought it
                                            in January 1960.      When withdrawn from use at Wilmington, Delaware in 1968 it was re-regis-
                                            tered N6696C for some reason.  It appears to have been broken up around 1970.  The L1049H
                                            below, a former TWA machine, was shot by Bob Garrard at Sebring, Florida in April 1972, after
                                            it had been withdrawn from service. 

                                           Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation  N5402V                   (c/n  4842)