Capitol Airways (Logair contract)  Curtiss C-46  N1301N             (c/n  22480)


                                     Long-term contract airlift services within the continental United States for the movement of cargo
                                     in support of the logistics systems for the military were known as Logair contracts.  Most aircraft
                                     employed in this work carried the titling 'Logair' either on the fuselage, as in this C-46 of Capitol
                                     Airways, or across the fin and rudder.       Capitol had its fair share of accidents with C-46s and
                                     N1301N was the subject of one of them.   The aircraft was on a positioning flight from Denver's
                                     Stapleton International Airport to Ogden-Hill Air Force Base on 16 November 1958 when the
                                     starboard engine failed in conditions of severe turbulence and icing.  The aircraft crashed into
                                     a mountain at the 8,700' level.  Sadly, the crew of two perished.   The above photograph was
                                     taken by Larry Smalley (via Bill Larkins) on 20 September 1956 at Oakland, CA.    The DC-4
                                     in the left background was one belonging to Trans Continental Airlines (no relation to the airline
                                     of the same name which was around in the 1970s-1990s).