Capitol Airways   Lockheed L-749 Constellation  N4901C             (c/n  2671)


                                             When Capitol secured military contracts it needed aircraft with more capacity.   This Constellation
                                             was acquired in 1958, and was one of four of this model, three of which came from BOAC and
                                             one from Avianca.   N4901C had originally built for TWA as 'Star of Colorado', and had been
                                             working for BOAC as G-ANNT 'Buckingham' when Capitol bought it.      My shot above was
                                             taken at Long Beach, CA in September 1964.       It was later (in 1968) re-registered N6695C
                                             and when finally withdrawn from use in 1970 donated to the Aeronautical Historical Association
                                             and displayed at the Bradley Air Museum at Windsor Locks, Connecticut.    Unfortunately that
                                             facility and most of its twenty-five aircraft exhibits, including the Connie, were destroyed in a freak
                                             tornado which struck the area on 3 October 1979.