Capitol Airways  Curtiss C-46  N1308V                         (c/n  22583)

                                   Capitol Airways was founded in 1946 by Jesse F. Stallings, and incorporated in Delaware.  Its
                                   operational center was in Nashville TN.   It started operations right after WW II as a FBO and
                                   flying school.  It then developed cargo and passenger charters and gained several military contracts,
                                   growing rapidly.  Initial equipment was DC-3s and C-46s, one of which is seen above in this nice
                                   shot by Bill Larkins (enlargement of registration below) among a plethora of other non-sked C-46s
                                   at Oakland on 14 September 1952.   In 1967 the company changed its title to Capitol International
                                   Airways to reflect its growing global presence.  For a period during its career the airline attempted
                                   to run "Sky Saver" scheduled flights, although these were short-lived.   Capitol has operated (leased/
                                   owned) a vast fleet of over 50 C-46s over the years.
                                   N1308V above was one of a large block of C-46F-1-CUs converted for civilian use after WW II. 
                                   It unfortunately crashed following an in-flight fire over Katy, Texas on 11 January 1961. The aircraft
                                   was on a cargo flight from San Antonio, TX to Mobile, AL when the No 8 cylinder of the port engine
                                   separated, spilling oil into the wheel well and burning through oil and fuel lines.