California Hawaiian Airlines  Lockheed L-049 Constellation  N74192   (c/n  1980)


                                      California Hawaiian Airlines was a sister carrier of California Central Airlines, and, as such, had
                                      much the same brilliant red, white and blue livery.  The latter airline is covered in my 'Airline' section
                                      since it was a scheduled intra-state carrier.  California Hawaiian, on the other hand, only operated
                                      charter services between the US west coast and Hawaii and therefore was considered a nonsked
                                      airline.  Both were conceived around 1947 by Col. Charles Sherman, along with his wife Edna K.
                                      Sherman and C. Mayers, Jr., Thomas McCarty and Lura Otto initially as Airline Transport Carriers,
                                      Inc.  When Western and United filed complaints against this outfit, ATC entered both CCA and
                                      CHA into bankruptcy although resurrected them in 1955 under the same ownership, ostensibly
                                      're-organized'.    The Lockheed L-049 seen above at Oakland by Bill Larkins in February 1953
                                      was, at that time, the airline's only aircraft. The enlargement below shows the tiny rego on the fin.
                                      Formerly BOAC's G-AHEN it was leased from Los Angeles Air Service.  The aircraft had overshot
                                      the runway at Bristol, Filton in 1951 and had been repaired and sold to LAAS.  It later went to El Al
                                      as 4X-AKD, before returning to the UK as G-AHEN.  It was broken up at Luton in 1965.