Blatz Airlines  Douglas DC-3  N62086                                 (c/n 19713)


                                      Here's a non-sked airliner actually in service at Burbank in 1960.  It carries no airline name
                                      other than at doorside (see below).   Livery was blue and white.    It was departing for the
                                      Bay Area (probably Oakland) when I took this shot.     Burbank, even in those days, was
                                      very difficult to gain access to the ramp.      Blatz was founded in 1947 by F.A. Blatz and
                                      in 1959 received a two-year scheduled operating certificate from the CAB.    This allowed
                                      irregular schedules to be flown to California and Nevada locations.    The airline often did
                                      double duty as executive transport for movie stars.  It operated as many as six DC-3s and
                                      later acquired a couple of DC-4s.  After its scheduled operations ceased it continued as a
                                      charter outfit until at least 1970.    N62086, an ex C-47A-80-DL (43-15247) was civilian-
                                      ized in 1946 for Aloha Airlines and had a couple of other US owners before Blatz acquired
                                      it in 1959  . It  was scrapped at Long Beach in  the 1970s.