Associated Air Transport  Curtiss C-46  N1846M               (c/n  22543)


                                           Associated Air Transport was a Miami, FL based company which operated from 1952 until
                                           1962 engaged mainly in irregular scheduled passenger services between New York City and
                                           San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Like many other non-skeds, it initially had military contracts, but these
                                           were cancelled in 1961 due to safety violations.  It began operations with C-46s and then grad-
                                           uated to DC-4s and Lockheed L-749 Constellations.  Bill Larkins' shot above was taken on a
                                           dull day at Oakland, CA in January 1953.   This aircraft was a former C-46F-1-CU delivered
                                           to the USAAF in August 1945.  It was leased to Crescent Airways in 1950 and to Associated
                                           a year later.  It later went to Riddle Airlines and finally wound up with CIM Associates in 1970
                                           as N38218.  It was withdrawn from use in 1976.