All American Airways  Curtiss C-46  N1674M                          (c/n  22403)


                                        All American Airways (not to be confused with the All American Airlines which became Allegheny
                                        Airlines) was formed in Miami in 1946.  It operated a number of C-46s in addition to DC-3s and
                                        DC-6s.   It initially ran irregular scheduled services mainly between Miami and San Juan, Puerto
                                        Rico.  It later moved its headquarters to that mecca of all non-sked C-46s, Oakland, where Bill
                                        Larkins' shot above was taken in November 1952.     This one was sans the normal livery which
                                        consisted of an Air France-type cheat line.      In 1960 All American changed its name to Saturn
                                        Airways, and as such, continued to fly until 1976.     N1674M, an ex C-46F-1-CU (44-78580)
                                        was civilianized in 1948 for All American and passed to Saturn in 1960.  A year later it was sold
                                        to CAUSA in Uruguay as CX-AYR.  Sold to Aerolineas Colonia in 1963 it was withdrawn from
                                        use at Colonia del Sacramento in 1966.