Raytheon Hawker 1000  N403FF                        (c/n  259038)


                                           This aircraft could variously be identified as a British Aerospace BAe 125-1000, a Hawker 1000,
                                           or, as I have done, as a Raytheon machine. The FAA identifies it as a Corporate Jets 1000. Corp-
                                           orate Jets Ltd was formed by British Aerospace in 1992 as the operating company for its business
                                           jets division.   The whole shooting match was sold to Raytheon Corporation (owners of Beech) in
                                           June 1993.     Raytheon announced that they would market these aircraft as the Hawker 800 or
                                           Hawker 1000, so just why the FAA identifies it as such I am not sure, unless Raytheon decided
                                           to perpetuate the trading name.  The 1000 was a long range derivative of the 125-800 and is notice-
                                           able by the 7 cabin windows on each side.  Only 52 were built, and production concentrated on the
                                           -800XP.   Bill Larkins saw this one at Buchanan Field, Concord, CA in June of 2010. .