Piaggio (Trecker) P.166  N7650E                           (c/n  342)


                                               This was actually the second P.166 built.  First flown in 1957, the P.166 and its derivatives went
                                               on to become a fairly populous feeder liner, especially in Australia.   The Trecker Corporation of
                                               Milwaukee, Wisconsin  were the U.S. agents and assembled later imports from kits supplied from
                                               Italy (they already had been assembling the P.136 amphibian, known locally as the Royal Gull),
                                               although N7650E was completed in Italy.  After serving as the Trecker promotional machine it
                                               went on to become a company hack for Northrop aircraft.  It is still on the register, giving support
                                               to its durability claims.  My shot shows it at Long Beach in January of 1960.  The registration (tail
                                               number for you US wags) is on the fin and rudder below the "Trecker....166" legend.  Typically, for
                                               the period, in numbers so small one could hardly see them.  Incidentally, the B-25 in the background
                                               was N201L.  "OIL"....get it?