Learjet 24F  XA-CAP                    (c/n  24F-349)


                                        When FAR.25 was issued in 1965 eliminating the need to keep small twins under a max grossed
                                        up weight of 12,500 lbs, Bill Lear designed the Model 24.  This was basically a beefed up Model
                                        23 incorporating such enhancements as increased pressurization allowing for higher cruising altitudes,
                                        plus strenthening of the design to permit a max AUW of 13,500 lbs.  The Model 24F seen above
                                        also had a new cambered wing.  This Mexican example was at El Paso in 1981.   By that time Bill
                                        Lear's holdings in Learjet had been purchased by the Gates Rubber Copany.  A new corporation
                                        (Gates Learjet) was formed to continue production of this prolific line of twin jets.