Gulfstream Aerospace G450 (GIV-X)  N663CP                     (c/n  4044)


                                           In 2002 the designation for the Gulfstream GIV-SP was revised to be G400.  The G450, seen
                                           above at Buchanan Field, Concord, CA in this 'through the fence' shot by Bill Larkins, was an
                                           upgraded  GIV-SP, originally to be known as the GIV-X.    It differed from the G400 in having
                                           a 12 inch fuselage stretch with the nose of a G550 and the entry door moved rearwards.  Its two
                                           Rolls Royce Tay611-8C engines gave it increased range.   The extreme range at which this shot
                                           was taken has diminished the sharpness a little, but nevertheless has resulted in a quite acceptable
                                           image.  This aircraft has now been re-registered N450KR with Rooney Holdings.