Grumman Gulfstream II  N600B                   (c/n  82)


                                      The Gulfstream II was basically a Gulfstream I with the Rolls Royce Dart turboprops replaced
                                      with two aft mounted Rolls Royce Spey 511-6 jet engines.  This, in response to corporate require-
                                      ments for a transoceanic jet transport with good short field performance.  There was no prototype,
                                      per se, the first machine off the lines being a production aircraft delivered to National Distillers and
                                      Chemical Corp of New York.  This one blew into El Paso one day in 1981.  It was owned  by the
                                      International Brotherhood of Teamsters out of Washington,  D.C., although, as with most corporate
                                      aircraft (then and now) the name of the organization was (perhaps wisely) not emblazoned on the