Cessna 414 Chancellor   N30DT                               (c/n  414-0910)


                                       The Cessna 414 was conceived by marrying the fuselage of the Model 421 with the improved
                                       wing developed for the Model 401.  This resulted in a high performance pressurized exective twin.
                                       This all black 1979 example was owned (and still is, I believe) by a rancher (cowboy) out of
                                       Abilene, Texas.  I shot it when I resided in El Paso in 1980.    Plenty of Chancellors are still
                                       flying almost thirty years later, as evidenced by the nice one seen below at Wilmington, NC,
                                       International by Harry T. Chang in May, 2007.  Interesting in that N4640G was probably built
                                       at the exactly the same time as the one above, being only two c/ns apart!

                                       Cessna 414 Chacellor  N4640G                                             (c/n  414-0908)