Beech C90 King Air   N900BE                      (c/n   LJ-907)


                                         First introduced in 1963 as an extension of the Beech Queen Air line and originally designated
                                         the Model 65-90T, the 90 series ("short") King Air was in production until 1989.  The C model
                                         seen above at Moore County Airport, North Carolina (Pinehurst-Southern Pines) in June 2005
                                         is a 1980 variant.   The nice E-90 below, shot by Harry T. Chang at Wilmington NC International
                                         in May, 2007 is actually an older machine.   Although almost 30 years old it still leads an active life
                                         operating out of Norfolk, Va on a daily basis.

                                        Beech E90 King Air   N48TA                                                (c/n  LW-283)