Beech 95 Travel Air  N2038C                (c/n  TD-220)

                                        The Travel Air, with its rather oddly shaped Beech Mentor style straight fin and rudder, was
                                        introduced in 1958 as a sort of scaled-down Twin Bonanza.   About 750 were built before the
                                        production line switched to its successor, the Baron.   Seen here are two closely registered
                                        examples.  N2038C above at Santa Monica in June 1959, and N2044C below at the southern
                                        end of Van Nuys airport in December of the same year (when Sherman Way formed the southern
                                        boundary - no tunnel in those days!).    Somewhat incredibly, N2038C is still registerted today
                                        (in Colorado).

                                     Beech 95 Travel Air  N2044C                (c/n  TD-226)