Stinson 108-2 Voyager   N247C     (c/n  108-3247)


                                      In 1947, Stinson introduced a beefed-up, more utilitarian version of the Voyager known as the
                                      'Flying Station Wagon'.  This was first seen at the National Aircraft Show for 1947 which was held
                                      in Cleveland every fall in the late 40s.  The above example of a 108-2 is, in fact, a 'Station Wagon'.
                                      (The 'Flying' bit was dropped on production models).   The 108-2 was powered by a 165 hp
                                      Franklin 6A4-165-B3 engine versus the 150 hp for the 108-1.   The above photograph was taken
                                      at Santa Paula, Southern California in 2001 and this machine has been modified to include a pair
                                      of STOL wing tips.  I suspect they are the Met-Co-Aire variety (a couple of companies manufacture
                                      these enhancements).    The 108-2 on floats was photographed at the Kurtzer Seaplane Base, Lake
                                      Union, Seattle in July 1959.    This machine flew on for another thirty odd years before being written
                                      off in a crash in dense fog at Gold Bar, Washington on 25 May 1991. 

                                     N9715K  Stinson 108-2 Voyager