Emigh A-2 Trojan            N8324H               (c/n  27)


                                  The Trojan two-seat all metal light cabin monoplane was designed by Harold Emigh and
                                  produced in small numbers (most surveys show 58 as having been finished) in 1948-49. 
                                  The basic concept was one of simplicity and ruggedness.  The most unique and identifiable
                                  feature were the ribbed wings, strong enough, it was claimed, to be able to walk on them. 
                                  Unfortunately, like in so many other 2-seat light aircraft of the day, the market was, by then,
                                  already saturated, and its low-sitting rather plain looks did not possess enough pizzazz to
                                  attract buyers.  The Emigh Trojan Aircraft Co of Bisbee-Douglas Airport, Arizona, folded
                                  in 1950.   My example was shot at El Monte Airport, Southern California in 1957.  It was,
                                  remarkably, (at least well into the new millennium) still around in Oklahoma.