Bellanca 14-13-2 Cruisair Senior        NC74496          (c/n  1591)


                                  The Bellanca Crusair was first introduced in 1937 and production was carried on after WW II.
                                  Both pre-war and post-war models are basically the same.   The photographs above and below
                                  were both obtained from the Bellanca Aircraft Company long before its assets were purchased by
                                  Northern Aircraft (which became Downer Industries) in 1959.  They both depict the same aircraft,
                                  NC74496 which was a run of the mill production model.  (i.e. not a company demonstrator).  The
                                  shot at the foot of the page was taken at a Fly-In at Person County Airport, Roxboro, NC in May
                                  2011 and shows a  beautifully restored 14-13-2 which came in from Virginia. 
                                  Although ostensibly a four-seater, the accommodations for a long trip tended to be a trifle cramped.
                                  Nevertheless the Bellancas have an excellent turn of speed and have been known to approach the
                                  advertised cruising speed of 180 m.p.h. IAS.   An fairly complete history of the Cruisair Senior can
                                  be found on the Smithsonian's site at:


                                   NC74432                  (c/n  1545)