Republic RC-3 Seabee    NC87461               (c/n  12)

                                       Designed in the later stages of WW II, the Republic RC-1 was initially (temporarily and laughingly)
                                       named the 'Thunderbolt Amphibian'.    When series production got under way in 1946 with the improved
                                       RC-3, the name was changed, mercifully, to Seabee,   Originally offered at the (even for1946) fantastically
                                       low price of $3995, this was soon raised to $4995 and then $5995.  Unfortunately, even at that price
                                       Republic was losing money on every one built (cost was at least double that) and coupled with the fact
                                       that the company had military contracts to fulfill, decided to curtail production after1060 Seabees had been
                                       built. It was a rugged family-type aircraft, ideal for the sports fisherman and at home in the bush country.
                                       However, with the 215 hp Franklin 6A8 engine it was somewhat underpowered.   I rode in one once from
                                       Wonderboom Airport (north of Pretoria, South Africa) to the man made lake at the Vaal Dam in the high
                                       Veld.  The ambient was around 35F and the lake is about 1500 meters asl.  The lake is some 20 kilometers
                                       long.  Well, we needed all of that to get back out.  I thought that sucker weren't never gonna come unstuck.
                                       The Canadian example below with the beat-up door was taken at Sea Island Airport, Vancouver, in 1960.

                                       Republic RC-3 Seabee      CF-HYX                            (c/n  775)