Porterfield  LP-65  Collegiate      NC27206                      (c/n   703)


                                           In the same class as the Aeronca Defender, the little Porterfield was offered to the CPTP
                                           program as a trainer.  The distinguishing identification feature of the Porterfield were the
                                           parallel wing struts.  Three engine choices were available:  Lycoming, Continental and
                                           Franklin.  About 400 were built until wartime contracts forced the company to abandon
                                           civil production.   This nicely preserved example was at Santa Paula Airport, Southern
                                           California in 1999.   The Brian Baker shot below was taken much earlier and shows the
                                           Continental-powered CP-65 version.

                                     Porterfield CP-65 Collegiate           N27270                        (c/n 751)