Piper PA-23 Apache    N1048P    (c/n  23-51)


                                     The prototype PA-23 first flew on 2 March 1952.  Since Consolidated-Vultee had disposed of
                                     its Stinson Division to Piper this aircraft's first name was actually the 'Twin Stinson'.    However, by
                                     the time production got under way in 1954 it became the PA-23 Apache, and later still the PA-23
                                     Apache 150.   My shot was taken on the ramp at Newark Airport in 1956.  The corporate name
                                     on the side of this early production model Apache reads  'St. Johnsbury Trucking Co. Inc.  New
                                     England  New York  &  New Jersey'   The image below is of an even earlier PA-23 and is the
                                     machine in which Ellis M. Chernoff, a regular contibutor to the Airline section of this website, received
                                     his multi-engine rating in 1972.  Below that is a color shot of the "office" of this aircraft.

                                  Piper PA-23 Apache  N1010P               (c/n  23-13)