Piper PA-15 Vagabond   N4330H     (c/n  15-113)


                                  The Vagabond was produced in 1947-48 as a cheap, plain, no frills two seat aircraft ideal for flying
                                  clubs.  This was the first of the so-called "short wing" Pipers (the wingspan was reduced by taking out
                                  three feet from the wing roots)  This "short-wing" philosophy burgeoned into many follow-on types.
                                  My Vagabond example above, seen at Santa Paula, California, in 2002 displays non standard livery
                                  for PA-15s as they were shipped from the plant in Lock Haven, inasmuch as it has a fuselage stripe.
                                  As delivered, they didn't even have that.  They were all yellow.  In 1948 Piper came out with a PA-17
                                  Vagabond Trainer which was just about identical externally.  It differed mainly in having dual controls
                                  (the PA-15 only had one set), bungee shocks, and color offerings other than yellow.