Piper PA-11 Cub Special     N4998H                       (c/n  11-893)

                                  The PA-11 Cub Special was the post-war J-3.   Originally shipped with the 65 hp Continental A65
                                  engine, the 1949 model was upgraded to a 90 hp Continental.  Only 1428 Cub Specials were built,
                                  (that might sound like a lot but for Piper's prolific output it was actually quite small).  Just under half of
                                  them still exist. Because of this, PA-11s are tough to find so my example is portrayed by Piper Aircraft
                                  Corp photographs.  They show the same aircraft in both standard and crop-duster form.  In fact, it
                                  was actually sold as a crop duster, and was still an agricultural aircraft well into the 80s.  Thirty years
                                  as a crop duster would  have to be some kind of record.