Piper J-5C  Cub Cruiser      NC33532                  (c/n   unknown)

                                     The Cub Cruiser was developed as a three seat advancement over the J-4 series.  It became
                                     the forerunner of the popular post WW II PA-12 Super Cruiser.  Although billed as a three seat
                                     machine it would probably have been better described as a 2 and a half seater.  The rear may
                                     have been O.K. for a child but things got rather cramped if the third passenger was a 200 pounder.
                                     The original J-5A (below) with the 75 hp Continental engine was a bit of a foot dragger, but the
                                     J-5C illustrated above with the 100 hp Lycoming O-235-C was a much better proposition.
                                     Both photographs were acquired from the Piper Aircraft Corpotation in 1947.   Almost 1,500
                                     Cub Cruisers had been built before the war converted Piper's Lock Haven plant lines to L-4
                                     Grasshopper production, or, in the case of the J-5, orders for US Navy HE-1/AE-1s.
                                     Production was resumed after the war, but soon abdicated in favor of the afore-mentioned PA-12.
                               Piper J-5A  Cub Cruiser      NC40796                   (c/n  5-1138)