Piper J-4E  Cub Coupe      NC38187                    (c/n  4-1552)


                                 The Cub Coupe was a two-seat side-by-side variation of the popular Cub line introduced in 1938/39.
                                 It was designed by Walter C. Jamouneau, hence the 'J' designation on the early Piper Cubs.  Jamouneau
                                 had actually worked for the Taylor Company, designing the J-2  but joined William T. Piper when the
                                 latter set up his own business.  The J-4E was powered by a 75 hp Continental A-75-9 engine.  Some
                                 1,200 Cub Coupes of various marques had been produced by 1942, when WW II interrupted civilian
                                 aircraft production.   The above photograph is by Leo J. Kohn.   Surprisingly, this aircraft is still currently
                                 registered in New York State.