Noordyn UC-64A Norseman       VO-ABJ           (c/n  504)


                               VO-ABJ was an ex UC-64A of the USAAF (43-35430) which was civilianized as NC60787 in
                               1946.  It was one of over 700 Norseman which were supplied to the USAAF during WW II.
                                I acquired this rare photograph showing the now defunct Newfoundland registration (Newfoundland
                                became a Province of Canada in 1949) from the Government of Newfoundland in 1948.  This photo-
                                graph first appeared on the website of  my good friend Ron Dupas at:
                                                                                                                                        but it is such a rare shot that
                                I decided to replicate it here as the Norseman example.  However, appended below is a photograph
                                of a U.S. registered machine taken at Long Beach in 1963.  I understand that this machine is now on
                                display at the Alaskaland Pioneer Air Museum, Fairbanks, Alaska.   Seems like most Norseman
                                wound up in either Alaska or Canada's Northwest Territories.  That was, after all, the terrain for
                                which they were designed.
                            Noorduyn UC-64A Norseman      N55555                          (c/n 228)