Mooney M-20C   Mark 21    N6545U       (c/n  2328)


                                        The Model 20 four-seat cabin monoplane was first flown on 10 August 1953.   It used the same
                                        distinctive 'slope forward'  fin and rudder as the M-18 series   The M-20 uses Al Mooney's 'Safe-
                                        Trim' patented control system whereby a gear linking the tail trim with the wing flaps establishes
                                        automaticaly the correct settings for take-off, climb out, approach, landing etc.   Like many contem-
                                        porary aircraft the lettered suffix on the Model 20 more or less signifies the year.  This particular
                                        machine is an M-20C built in 1962.  It was brand new when I photographed it at Long Beach in
                                        that same year using color film in my old 616 camera.