Meyers MAC 200A       N484C                      (c/n  252)


                            The Meyers MAC 200 was an outgrowth of the 145.  It was a four seater powered by a 225 hp
                            Continental O-470-E engine.  This photograph was taken at Hawthorne Municipal Airport in 1962.
                            200A/B/C/ and /D models varied marginally, and the letter more or less indicated the year built,
                            starting in 1959.    In 1965 the Meyers Aircraft Company was purchased by North American
                            Rockwell's Aero Commander Division (now Rockwell International)  and production of the 200D
                            continued.   However, whereas Meyer's aircraft had been virtually all hand-made, clearly this was
                            not to be the case with the multinational giant.  In the event the project was abandoned as being less
                            than cost effective after 83 aircraft had been completed and the Rockwell design team set about
                            designing an aircraft which was cheaper to produce.  Thus the Commander 112 was born as the
                            successor to the 200D.    Needless to say, in the case of a mass-produced machine compared to
                            a hand-built job, it was, at best, half the aircraft that the 200 was.   Seen below is a Rockwell
                            produced Aero Commander 200D at Boulder City Airport, Nevada in the late 1980s.   The
                            silver screen blinds in the windows were to attempt to keep the cabin cool in the ambient 110F
                            (43 Celsius) heat normally associated with that airport! 

                            Aero Commander 200D       N97M                     (c/n    302)