(Silvaire) Luscombe 8F     N3549G      (c/n  S-63)


                               In 1949 the design was changed, giving a more angular fin and rudder assembly.  Not long after this
                               change the Luscombe Airplane Co filed for bankruptcy.  Rights for its continued production were
                               acquired by the Texas Engineering and Manufacturing Company (TEMCO) of Fort Worth, Texas,
                               who built the Luscombe series alongside Globe Swifts, the right to manufacture which they had also
                               picked up.  Busy folks, weren't they?   Temco built 50 Luscombes then sold the rights to the
                               Silvaire Uranium and Aircraft Co of Fort Collins, Colo. who built a further 80.  Seen above is a
                               Silvaire-built 8F at Santa Paula Airport in the early 2000s.  Both Temco and Silvaire-built models
                               are, to all intents and purposes, identical to the last examples produced by Luscombe itself.  I received
                               the post card (reproduced below) from the Luscombe Company shortly before they went out of
                               business, showing an 8F in original livery.   THE noted aiuthority on Luscombes (he owns one) is
                               my good friend Brian Baker in Arizona.  Fot a complete history of the company go to: