Luscombe 8A     NC28601         (c/n   1430)


                                     The Luscombe Model 8 Silvaire was first produced in 1938 and from then until 1942 some 1,200
                                     had been produced.  From 1940 on it was available in four basic models.  The model 8A, seen above
                                     at Horizon Airport, Henderson, Nevada (just south of Las Vegas) in 1989 was powered with a 65 hp
                                     Continental A-65-9F engine.   The Model 8B had a 65 hp Lycoming O-145. whilst the C and the D
                                     had a little more power in the form of a Continental A-75-8-J.  The 8C, in fact, became a best seller,
                                     and one is seen below in my shot taken at the old Miro-Fontana Airport, Southern California in 1960. 
                                     Finally, at the foot of the page is a contempory shot taken at Santa Paula in July 2010 showing a later
                                     production model 8A with the squared top to the fin and rudder and the single bracing strut later used
                                     on the model 8E.

                                        Luscombe 8C       N23055                (c/n   979)


                                    Luscombe 8A Silvaire    N77950                                 (c/n  3677)