Johnson Rocket 185      N90203            (c/n  10)


                                    Announced in August 1945, the Johnson Rocket was a high performance three seat cabin monoplane
                                    powered by a 185 hp Lycoming O-435A engine.  It later was known as the Regent Rocket and later
                                    still (around 1947) was built under license by the Aircraft Manufacturing Company of Fort Worth, Texas
                                    which subsequently acquired design rights and produced a modified version known as the Texas Bullet 185.
                                    This Rocket was photographed at Van Nuys Municipal Airport in the San Fernando Valley section of the
                                    Los Angeles metropolis in 1963.  About 20 were built in all.   Some are either still on the register or
                                    underoing restoration, including the one above, which cannot have its old registration back, since that is
                                    now a DC-4!