Jamieson J-1 Jupiter       N1859M                (c/n  1)


                                           In 1947 Charles Jamieson (who had worked for both Culver and Beech as a design engineer) formed
                                           The Jamieson Aircraft Company of  DeLand, Florida.  His idea was to convert the little Culver Model
                                           NR-D radio-controlled target aircraft (USAAF PQ-14) into a viable personal machine. Many surplus
                                           PQs were available to the public at that time, most of them very low hours.  The conventional tail was
                                           replaced by a Bonanza-like Vee tail.  In the event, only four were converted, the prototype, seen above
                                           in this photograph obtained from the Jamieson Company in 1948,  plus  three others.  The Antique
                                          Airplane Association has a somewhat detailed history of the type at its website: