Interstate S1-B1 Cadet            N48736    (c/n  unknown)


                              The Interstate Aircraft and Engineering Corporation first produced the Model S-1A in 1940. 250 of
                              them were built for the USAAF as the L-6.  Most contemporary references to that model, call it the
                              'Grasshopper'.  However, in truth, all Liaison types were given that nom de plume during WW II. 
                              Since all the Interstates I ever saw were registered in that block of N numbers which are 'ex-military' 
                              (roughly N40000 - 80000) I assume that this S-1B-1 was an ex L-6.  The true civilian Interstates
                              had a rounded rear window.   This shot was taken at Cable-Claremont Airport in that portion of the
                              L.A. Basin known as the 'Inland Empire'.   Date was 1957.   This aircraft is no longer on the register
                              and I could not obtain its c/n at the time I took this photograph.   In 1945 Interstate sold the rights to
                              the design to Reuel Call, founder of the Call Aircraft Company of Afton, Wyoming.   A few post war
                              Model S-1As were built, and below is a shot received from Callair in 1947 of what was, in essence,
                              the prototype of the post war Interstae, N2923V.  In the event Callair made a few S-1As and then
                              sold the project off to William Diehl of Anchorage Alaska.  He modified it slightly and it re-emerged
                              as the 'Artic Tern'.  Under a new 'Interstate Aircraft' incorporation, the model S1-B2  is still in
                              production today.