Howard DGA-15P    N4638N      (c/n  1011)


                                  With a 450 hp Wasp Junior (R-985) engine the Howard DGA-15P (Damn-Good-Airplane)
                                  was an aircraft that demanded one's undivided attention.  This is truly a high performance machine
                                  and not for the faint of heart.  The US Navy was so impressed with it that it ordered 250 as the
                                  GH-1 personnel transport and another 250 as the NH-1 navigational trainer.   Most of these
                                  ex-military machines made their way onto the civil register after WW II and it is not unusual these
                                  days to see them all decked out as former NH-1s or GH-1s.  Both shots on this page were taken
                                  at Santa Paula Airport in Southern California in 2000.   The aircraft depicted below is the earlier
                                  DGA-11 model, arguably the best Howard ever built.  This machine is truly the 'Cadillac of the

                                    Howard DGA-11         NC57E                   (c/n  88)