Grumman G-21A Goose     N64L          (c/n   B-14)


                                   Most of the Grumman Gooses (shouldn't that be Geese?) on the US register were commercial, i.e. airline
                                   or corporate machines.  However, inasmuch as some were privately owned I decided to include it in the
                                   'Classic' section.   345 Grumman G-21s were built, of which 12 were pre-war model G-21s (originally
                                   dubbed "Grey Goose") and 30 civilian model G-21As .    12 non-amphibious (i.e. straight flying-boat)
                                   G-21Bs were delivered to the Portuguese Navy, none which which probably survived WW II.    The
                                   rest were all military JRF-1 to 6Bs or OA-9s.     N64L was a surplus JRF-5 originally civilianized as
                                   N2819D (it also did a stint in Canada as CF-JIF).   The above shot was taken at Long Beach which
                                   was also 'home' to several companies operating the Goose on scheduled services.     I suspect N64L
                                   had come in for servicing.