Grumman G-73 Mallard         N7352          (c/n  J-52)


                                     The G-73 was a post war design, deliveries commencing in 1947.  Only sixty-one of these
                                     handsome amphibians was built, mostly for corporate or executive use, although this one was
                                     privately owned.   The Mallard is powered by two 600 hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp R-1340-S3H1
                                     engines.   Just about all Mallards were first registered in the NC29-- series, and this one was no
                                     exception, being, first of all NC2982.  It was then re-registered N66A, then did a stint in Japan
                                     in the 1960s as JA5117, then back to the US as N7352 where I caught it at LAX one day.
                                     This is a Kodacolor print (not a slide or 35mm) taken on one of the rare occasions when I used
                                     color film in my 616 camera.  It finally was exported to (of all places) Gabon where it became