Goodyear GA-2 Duck       NC5500M                       (c/n  unknown)


                                  Only 16 Goodyear GA-2s were built in 1947.   The idea was good, the design was good, but
                                  costs kept escalating until the price tag would have eliminated it from the personal plane market.
                                  All 16 were used as demonstrators.  Many dealer/operators wanted to buy them but Goodyear,
                                  at the time, only wanted their feed-back   Despite this being good, plans for series production were
                                  halted.   Six of the revised Model GA-2B (see below) were built, but again, none was sold to the
                                  public..  These had improvements over the GA-2, not the least insignificant of which was the fitting
                                  of the patented Goodyear Cross-Wind  Landing Gear.    Both photographs are from Goodyear.

                                    Goodyear GA-2B  Duck      NC5504M                         (c/n  unknown)