Globe GC-1B Swift          NC78238           (c/n  2238)


                                      Originally developed before WW II, the Globe Swift was resurrected as an almost entirely
                                      new aircraft in 1946.  The early GC-1A was under powered (with an 85 hp Continental) but
                                      this was rectified with the GC-1B with its 125 hp Continental C-125 which gave the scintillating
                                      performance that had been promised.    Despite copious orders, Globe Aircraft filed for bank-
                                      ruptcy in 1947 and the design/production  rights were picked up by the Texas Engineering and
                                      Manufacturing Company (Temco) who continued to build the Swift in fairly large quantities. Over
                                      1,000 Swifts in all were built between the two companies.  The three photographs on this page
                                      exhibit Temco-built Swifts.  The image immediately below exhibits more closely the GC-1B as
                                      it was designed  and delivered by Globe with the green tinted one piece 'Lucite' wrap around
                                      rear glazing.   The top and bottom shots show the revised D-shaped rear window introduced in
                                      1948.    The Globe Swift was not delivered with a spinner (many owners, like the one above)
                                      fitted them.  Many early Swifts were converted retrospectively.

                                  Globe GC-1B Swift             N78051                   (c/n  2051)


                                  Globe GC-1B Swift            N2374B                                      (c/n