Fleet 80 Canuck         CF-EAS            (c/n  137)

                                     I am including this aircraft in my "US Classic" selection since it was granted an American Approved
                                     Type Certificate (ATC-788) in 1947.  There were a few US registered examples but the vast majority
                                     were, of course, Canadian.   Although it looks like a modified Taylorcraft, its roots lie in the sturdy
                                     lightplane designed by Robert Noury immediately after WW II, known as the Noury Noranda.  
                                     The production of a modified version of this was taken over by Fleet Aircraft and named the "Canuck".
                                     Some 210 were built in1946 and 1947.  A three-seat version, the Fleet 81 (CF-FAL) was built in
                                    1948 but never produced beyond the prototype.   My shot of this model 80 was taken at Vancouiver
                                    Airport in 1960.