Fairchild 24KS   N1328                                      (c/n  3310)


                                        The 24K was introduced in 1938 as a Ranger-powered companion model to the Warner Super
                                        Scarab radial powered 24J, and a handsome machine it was, too.  Interestingly, and oddly, the
                                        registration NC20628 should have been assigned to c/n 3310, but instead was allocated to a Fair-
                                        chile 24R-9, c/n 403 and the above aircraft became NC1328.    It was N1328 when I caught it
                                        on the slipway at Little Ferry Seaplane Base on the Hackensack River in October 1956.  This
                                        historic machine is still on the register (although possibly no longer on floats) and is, I believe, the
                                        subject of yet another restoration project.