Fairchild 24W-40             NC25328     (c/n   W40-114)


                                          The Fairchild Model 24 first appeared in 1933.  Progressive developments to the basic design were
                                          made over the next thirteen years.  This is a 1940 model (the only
year, actually, in which a 'deLuxe
                                          version' was not offered). Nevertheless, even with this so-called austere model, the interior trimmings
                                          were very plush and the aircraft was a delight to fly.  During WW II almost 1,000 were supplied to
                                          both the USAAF (as the UC-61) and to the RAF under Lend Lease as the 'Argus Mks I and  II'
                                      .   Post war production continued at Hagerstown, Maryland in 1946, with a limited number being built
                                          before the line was closed down in 1948 in favor of heavy military contracts.  Power was supplied by a
                                          145 hp Warner Super Scarab series 50 engine.   This photograph was taken at Santa Paula Municipal
                                          Airport in Southern California in 2000.