Fairchild 24R-46       NC77698            (c/n  R46-398)


                                        The Model 24 series was also fitted with in-line engines.  The mix of F24W (Warner powered) to
                                        F24R  (Ranger powered) was about 50/50, although most of the aircraft supplied to the RAF
                                        under the lend lease program were of the radial powered variety. The F-24R was used by the
                                        USAAF as the UC-61K.  It was fitted with a Ranger 6-440-C2 engine rated at 175 hp at 2450
                                        r.p.m. at sea level.   This example, built new in 1947, (even though the -46 in the model number
                                        designates the year) was photographed at Camarillo Airport in Southern California in 1999. 
                                        Shown below in a beautiful Fairchild Aircraft photograph is an earlier 24R42.  This machine was
                                        actually built as a 24R40, but was used as the prototype for the 1942 model, most of  which were
                                        delivered to the military.

                                    Fairchild 24R-42              NC41846                     (c/n  R42-400)