Erco Ercoupe 415-C    N3045H                    (c/n   3670)

                                     This interesting little aircraft was designed by noted aviation engineer Fred Weick for The Engineering
                                     and Research Corporation (ERCO) of College Park Airport, Riverdale, Maryland as far back as 1936.
                                     Just over 100 were manufactured before WW II and production was resumed after the conflict when
                                     some 4,000 were built.  The machine was unique in that it had no rudder pedals, the rudders being linked
                                     to the steering wheel-type control column.  Consequently, it could not be spun nor side slipped.  Some
                                     owners modified their Ercoupes to incorporate standard stick and rudder controls.   Like many early post-
                                     war aircraft it was produced in great numbers early on, but couldn't maintain the pace.  Also, like many
                                     other types, the design got sold off time and time again.  For a nice history and technical review, go to
                                     The nice in flight photograph below was obtained from Erco in 1949.      NC93315     (c/n 638)


                                        Another contemporary shot of an Ercoupe over the Arizona desert by Brian Baker, February 2014.
                                        N2771H                 (c/n  3396)