Culver LFA Cadet             N34863             (c/n  273)


                                  The Culver Model L was designed by Al Mooney, and was based on the earlier Culver (later
                                  to be Applegate and Weyant) Dart.    It came with both Continental (LCA) and Franklin (LFA)
                                  engine options, both of 80 hp.  Some 275 were produced in 1941.   In 1940 the factory was
                                  moved from Port Columbus, Ohio to Wichita, Kansas.  Late in 1941 Walter Beech acquired
                                  control of the company which by then was well into wartime contracts, and hence production
                                  of the diminutive Cadet ceased.    The example below is somewhat more colorful.  Both shots
                                  were taken at Santa Paula Municipal Airport, Southern California, at the turn of the new millennium.

                                  Culver LFA Cadet                       N34855                           (c/n  265)