Commonwealth 185 Skyranger          N92941              (c/n  1673)


                                        Commonwalth Aircraft Inc of Kansas City, Kansas, bought out the Rearwin Aircraft &
                                        Engine Co in 1943.  Many folks still call the above aircraft a 'Rearwin', but strictly speaking
                                        it is, in fact, a 'Commonwealth'.       275 Skyrangers were built in 1946 before increased
                                        costs and dubious market share put the company out of business.   Power was supplied by
                                        the reliable Continental C-85-12 engine.   Note fixed leading edge slats.   This shot was
                                        taken at the old Meadowlark Field in Westminster, Southern California, in 1963 (now Little
                                        Vietnam).  This aircraft is, I believe, still in existence (in Texas?).